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Your guide to the popular online UK gardening shops

At the gardening shops listed in this section you can buy gardening equipment, supplies, tools, plants and garden ornaments. Most shops also provide excellent online gardening advice.


At Argos catalogue you can buy a reasonable selection of garden tools: hedge trimmers, chain saws, spades, forks, and more. They also sell sheds and garden lights online.
Click here to visit the Argos web site

B&Q -

At B&Q's garden centre you can buy lawnmowers, chainsaws, power tools and any other gardening equipment you may need. The B&Q site also features a buyer's guide to 'garden building'. And, 'B&Q garden advise' on landscaping, lawns, maintenance and plants & trees.
Click here to visit the B&Q web site

BlueWorld Gardener

BlueWorld Gardener are a leading online garden centre offering everything from lawnmowers to garden furniture, chainsaws to greenhouses and plants to BBQs. If you need assistance, you can contact one of their trained product advisors for help using their on line 'Live Chat'.
Click here to visit the BlueWorld Gardener web site

Dobies Garden

Dobies is a well established catalogue and online retailer selling seeds and plants direct to home gardeners at very competitive prices compared to your local garden centre. Their range includes vegetable and flower seeds, perennial roots and shrubs, fruit bushes and trees, bulbs and more.
Click here to visit the Dobies Garden web site


At Evengreener you can buy useful and 'green' products to help recycle and conserve the environment. These include garden composters, tools, energy efficient garden lighting, wormeries, furniture, planters and water butts which have become popular due to the UK's recent summer water shortages.
Click here to visit The Evengreener web site

Garden and Homes Direct

Garden and Homes Direct is a specialist retailer brining you a good choice of pots, plants, planters, gardening tools & achinery, outdoor furniture & buildings, bird feeders, landscaping materials, garden ornaments, sundry items like fertilizers, weed-killers and grow your own products and more. Prices are competitive and there's a sale section with discounts all year round.
Click here to visit the Gardens and Homes Direct web site

Gardening Direct

Gardening Direct is a great location to buy all your plants, bulbs, bare roots, flowers and vegetable seeds. Their range is excellent and their "A to Z plant finder" makes it easy to find your favourite plants. Their site also features some useful gardening advice and all plants are dispatched at the appropriate time for planting, accompanied by growing instructions. A selection of gardening hardware, tools, ornaments and water features is stocked as well.
Click here to visit the Gardening Direct web site

Greenfingers is one of the web's leading gardening sites with a host of useful gardening information and a wide selection of products for the garden and outdoor lifestyle.
Click here to visit the Greenfingers web site

Harrod Horticultural

Catering for the serious, amateur and even children's gardeners, Harrod Horticultural brings you an excellent choice which ranges from fruit cages, plant supports and greenhouse equipment to planters, fertiliser and protective clothing. You can also order their paper catalogue and get gardening advice in their garden forum or from their expert.
Click here to visit the Harrod Horticultural web site


At Homebase's garden centre you'll find everything you need to keep your garden looking groomed. Whatever job needs to be tackled, they've got just the right tool for you. They also sell a good range of garden furniture, sculptures, BBQs and sheds.
Click here to visit the Homebase web site - Be advised that while online shopping is available at Homebase, you'll have to visit one of their stores for their complete range

Keen Gardener

Keen Gardener is a specialist family run online gardening shop with a great record for service. You can buy everything from garden furniture, patio heaters, water features and BBQs to gardening tools, building, machinery and any other products you may need.
Click here to visit the Keen Gardener web site


At Littlewoods you can buy a good selection of low-priced lawnmowers, hedge trimmers, strimmers, and other garden tools online.
Click here to visit the Littlewoods web site

Ninian Gardens

Ninian Gardens aim to use their expertise in landscaping and grounds maintenance to supply you with quality garden ornaments, ornamental lighting, wildlife habitats and bird boxes.
Click here to visit the Ninian Gardens web site

Robert Dyas

Robert Dyas offer a selection of high quality garden tools from leading brands at their very competitive 'Best Buys' prices.
Click here to visit the Robert Dyas web site


At SandEdge you can buy a fine range of gardening gifts, such as decorative ornamentals and plant pot holders, beautiful watering cans, quality garden hand tools & accessories, books and a selection of leather gift ideas. They also stock a small selection of garden furniture.
Click here to visit the SandEdge web site

Simply Gardening Tools

It's not difficult to guess - Simply Gardening Tools 'simply' sell gardening tools. You can buy pressure washers, power tools, lawnmowers, hand tools, chainsaws, hoses and reels.
Click here to visit the Simply Gardening Tools web site

Taylors Garden Buildings

Taylors Garden Buildings specialise in selling garden buildings. You will however also find a great selection of beautiful hand crafted original planters, garden lanterns & lights, water features and structures at their site.
Click here to visit the Taylors Garden Buildings web site

Two Wests & Elliott

As one of the largest gardening mail order retailers in the UK, Two Wests & Elliott offers a huge selection covering about everything aspiring and expert gardeners may need for the garden. This includes planters, greenhouses, fruit cages, garden watering, cold frames & gloches, tools and equipment, garden lighting, poly tunnels and propagators.
Click here to visit the Two Wests & Elliott web site

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